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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Been Amazon Shopping

Having found out about the wonderful paper gifts other sponsors have blogged about, I went in search for some craft activities to send to my kids. A few days ago I found fantastic "Press Out and Make" books in Tesco. I've already ripped out the first activity to send to three of my kids. I considered buying one for Roses, but I thought he might be too old. Tesco only have the one design of book, so I thought I'd see if Amazon had some. The press out and make books are great as the kids don't need scissors and they can probably make them without being able to read the instructions. I may need to invest in some double sided tape to pre-stick onto the tabs though, so they just have to peel and stick. I find it harder to think up paper gift ideas for Roses. He's too old for colouring sheets and stickers every time I think. So I bought more making vehicle books for him.

I managed to order:

Press-out model Nativity scenes for all the kids.

Press out Fairy Castle and Characters for Sunita and Beatriz.

Make Your Own Football Stadium for Ladan. (Hopefully someone will be able to help him make it)

Extreme Machines with 8 press out models to make for Roses.

Fold ' Fly paper airplane kit. With photo instruction book, paper and stickers for Roses.

Space with 8 press out models to make for Roses.

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