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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Letters sent 28th February 2012

I think CompassionUK may think that these letters have travelled through time. I got the date wrong when I wrote them (I assumed I wouldn't make it to the post box) and they should have arrived at the CompassionUK office before the date I claimed I wrote them!

These are the first letters I have sent since seeing some of the beautiful examples of letter writing on other peoples' blogs. I didn't use bought preprinted paper like some suggested for printing on top. Instead I inserted a picture as a background in Word and wrote on the top. I did put a semi-transparent text box on top to make the text easier to read, but it printed out darker than I was expecting, so I will have to play around with that a bit for future mailings.

These letters amazingly were finished just a week after I sent my last handwritten ones (on the supplied Compassion letter writing paper). However I had just received a letter from Sunita and she asked me what the weather was like in England. Since we were just recovering from an unusally high amount of snow I thought I'd write about that while I remembered. The background photo was meant to be for an Easter mailing, but I didn't think it'd arrive on time, so I just used it for the snow letter instead.

I included some stickers and a thin booklet I made out of magazine pages. There's one colouring page and two background scenes to put the stickers on. Not sure if the girls will understand the concept of the background scenes and stickers, but I hope they'll enjoy them regardless.

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