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Monday, 5 March 2012

Packages sent 10th March 2012

No, not more time travel. I'm just ahead of myself. I'm trying to write every two weeks now and the next few days are going to be too hetic to write if I didn't do it this weekend.

I found the under the sea background for the writing paper through a Google image search. I was looking for some clipart to modify another design I had and came across this one instead, which I thought looked better. I've learnt how to make the picture better for typing on. I couldn't make it transparent, so I increased the brightness (make it a positive number) and decreased the contrast (make it a negative number). When printed, the writing is showing up much clearer. I had to add a extra text box behind Ladan's text though, as the writing was too long and still was hard to see over the coral and turtle.

I made booklets for the girls using the template I had made for Ladan's first package. I had never sent pictures of my family to them before. I assumed I didn't actually have any to send, but I found an old email my Dad had sent me of my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and used them. They are a couple of years out of date, but they are better than nothing. On the back of the booklet I included a copy of the most recent photo I had received of them. Apparently not all the Compassion kids have a copy of their photo as not all the projects can print one off for them. Ladan got a thin colouring booklet made out of magazine pages and a poster of Monsters Inc, as that's what one of the colouring pages was of.

In the letter for the girls I appologised for not writing as much previously when I first started sponsoring them. I told them that they were important to me, that I thought of them often and that I treasured the letters that they sent to me. I was unsure what to write to Ladan. I'd already sent him a booklet introducing myself, but I wanted to write a first letter that told him that I was pleased to be his sponsor and was thinking of him. So I turned to Google and found Emily's blog, Elephant Grace and her example post on - now what do I write? She's included the first letter she sent to her Compassion child on that post and told people they could copy it if they needed to. I used her text to help me and altered it with my details.

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