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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Roses first package sent

Roses appeared on my MyCompassion page yesterday. So I was able to send his birthday gift money and a personalised e-card. Hopefully it will reach him in time. His birthday is the end of May, so it has nearly 10 weeks to get there.

I've sent him a similar first package to the one I sent Ladan earlier this month. He's got an introductory letter, an about your sponsor booklet and a sheet of Cars 2 stickers. I also ordered him a personalised birthday card from Moonpig, so he'll have an actual paper card as well as the e-card.

I've also pre-printed the letter I'm sending all my sponsored kids later this month. I've packaged it up all ready to go out in a couple of weeks, along with a set of animal stickers.

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