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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Successful visit to Poundland

I popped into Poundland today to pick up some willow fencing to pull to bits and use to make model cars at work.

Whilst I was in there I ended up browsing the stationary section and found more press out and make books. There's 6 different designs - house, jungle, park, circus, firefighters and farm. I bought a set each for Ladan and Sunita.

I'm not sure whether to send each book as two chunks of pages, over two separate letter packages, along with a photocopy of the assembly instructions on the inside cover. Or whether to press out all the pieces and send them in an envelope.

I also found 3 colouring activity sets for Beatriz. Two of them were Winnie the Pooh and included stickers and one is Tatty Teddy.

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