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Monday, 5 March 2012

Wecome Ladan! Ladan's first package sent.

Sent on 2nd March 2012. My new child's information arrived from Compassion in the morning. I finally had a picture of all of him and not just his head. He seems to be wearing pyjamas that are staying on more by luck than anything else. Hopefully I'll be able to send him a gift next month. I have to pay for Spring Harvest first though, but I am due a tax refund that should come through in the next few weeks. His birthday is in July, so I'll need to send money for that before the end of April anyway.

I made him a booklet with some photos in to help introduce myself to him. I also enclosed a bookmark, I hope it goes through OK. I sent a similar one to the girls last month and had no contact from CompassionUK to say it was unsuitable. It's very thin card with a plastic coating on top. As you move it, the picture changes to show different underwater scenes. On another blog I saw that someone else had sent something similar and had no message to say it didn't reach their child, so hopefully Ladan will get it. I also sent him two colouring pages. One of mice, as I told him about my pet hamsters and one of dinosaurs, as I told him the class I teach were studying dinosaurs.

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  1. How wonderful-- Ladan will be very happy when he receives the goodies you made for him along with your letter.