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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Welcome Roses

I wasn't looking to sponsor another child. I'd just sponsored Ladan and was trying to work out the budget to get him a birthday gift. However I went onto the CompassionUK website to see the mothers and babies that had been added as part of the Child Survival program, a face popped out at me from the sea of new children awaiting sponsorship.

I don't know how long Roses has been waiting for a sponsor. But there were only 2 children still on there from when I'd previously been looking through the photos. He's 10, so I don't know if he had a previous sponsor who had to stop their sponsorship or whether he's just been waiting a while to be sponsored.

God does move in mysterous way though. Less than 12 hours after I sponsored Roses, I found out that the cost of Spring Harvest had gone down nearly £100 as our group has now gained an extra person and costs can be shared out. Enough extra money to pay for nearly half a year's sponsorship.

I sponsored him Wednesday and it took until Friday night for him to show up on my OurCompassion profile. He's still not listed on the MyCompassion section of CompassionUK, so I can't check his reference number, or send a birthday gift for next month yet. The message I got said it could take a few days for him to show up on my account. The details and picture below I have her I rescued out of my internet browsing history.

Roses is 10 and lives in Vespery in Chennai, India. Roses lives with his parents. His home duties include carrying water and buying or selling in the market. He has two brothers or sisters. Roses likes playing with friends and playing house. He attends Sunday school and church regularly. He also attends school.

Roses lives in the coastal community of Vepery, home to approximately 205,000 residents. Typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, cement walls and thatched roofs. The primary ethnic group and language is Dravidian. The regional diet consists of rice, beef, fish and vegetables. Common health problems in this area include measles, chicken pox, respiratory illnesses, fevers, worms and skin allergies. Most of the adults in Vepery work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of £46 per month. This community needs clothing, shoes, recreational facilities and alcohol abuse prevention programs. Sponsorship allows the staff of Balar Kalvi Nilayam Child Development Centre to provide your sponsored child with Bible teaching, medical and dental checkups, vaccinations, personal hygiene supplies, sports, talent competition, tutoring, tuition, school supplies, uniforms and computer classes. The centre staff will also provide tailoring and hand work classes and health education for the parents or guardians of the sponsored children.

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