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Sunday, 11 March 2012

You are special!

I've been playing around at getting prepared in advance and prewriting some more letters.

You are special!
God knit you together in your mother's womb! (Psalm 139:13)
God watch you while you were being formed in utter seclusion! (Psalm 139:15)
God thinks that you are precious. He thinks about you a lot! (Psalm 139:17)
His thoughts about you outnumber the grains of sand! (Psalm 139:18)
Every morning you wake up, He is still with you! (Psalm 139:18)
God loves you so very much, so do I!
I hope all is well with both yourself and your family. Everything is fine where I am. I hope you never forget that you are special, that you are loved and that you are important to me.
The words of Psalm 139 remind us that each of is also important to God, that he knew us before we were born, thinks of us constantly and will always be with us.
I continue to pray for you, your family and your project. Your loving sponsor,

The inspiration for this letter came from the tiny booklet one of the OurCompassion members June posted as a gallery. I've used her quotes and general design for each 'section'. However, being better at getting things done on my laptop, rather than paper, I've condensed the booklet into a 1 page letter. The images came from Google image searches. If you search for scrapbooking resources there's a wealth of images out there.

This may be the letter I send out around 7th April. I will have met up with family before then though, so I'm not sure if I'll have something more personal to write for that letter. Also there's the chance one of my children may have written to me before then, prompting me to send something different in response to their questions.

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