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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Need to avoid book shops, or any shops that sell books

I think I need to avoid going anywhere that sells children's books for at least the next 6 months.

I popped into town with a friend today to buy snacks for Spring harvest and found 3 books.

A giant colouring book that has some great colour pages to tear out and send. A baby animals book, full of puzzles, push out masks, drawing pages and activities (I picked up two of these for the boys). Also a doll dress up book with premade cardboard dolls to dress up and press out clothing and accessories to go with them (I picked up two of these for the girls). For anyone in the UK, the books are available in Aldi for £1.99 each at the moment.

I also found the website of the publishing company that make the colouring book and the excellent press out and make books I found in Tesco a few weeks ago. It's Autumn Children's Books, they've got a great range on their website including Bible stories.

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