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Monday, 2 April 2012

Oops, I was let loose in a book shop

It was my Dad's birthday today, so we went as a family to look round a nearby stately home. I was hoping to find a postcard of the place to send to my sponsored kids, but surprisingly the gift shop didn't sell any. They did however sell children's books and I picked up some more to tear into chunks and post off to my kids.

A 3D bookmark for each of the kids. Ladybirds for Ladan and Sunita, sharks for Roses and hot air balloons for Beatriz. They are made of thin card with a plastic moving picture printed on one side.

More details at http://www.cheatwell.com/3D_Bookmarks.htm

A set of 8 notecards showing scenes of the English countyside. I can write in them and send them to show the kids what rural England is like.

More details at http://shop.nationaltrust.org.uk/products/landscapes-notecards/784/

A book with 100 sheets of paper to make paper airplanes 4 different styles for Roses.

A book with lots of pages that have doodle designs or backgrounds to complete or draw over. There's a range of designs that cover the kids' ages.

A book of detailed British bird pictures for Roses and Beatriz.

A book with background scenes and fairy stickers to arrange on them, for Sunita.

A book with background room scenes and dollhouse stickers to arrange on them, for Beatriz.

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