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Monday, 9 July 2012

Compassion Sunday

I'm part of a small group for people in their 20s and 30s that is attached to my church. I'm always on the lookout for small group activities that we can use in our studies. Back in March we looked at Live :58 that I got sent through a Compassion link. Following that one of my friends went on to sponsor a baby through Compassion's Child Survival Program (UK sponsors can sponsor babies from 1+). Compassion sent me an email about their Compassion Sunday materials this year, which in theory had resources for small groups.

My pack arrived recently. It's the standard stand up and present video and talk at your church about the work Compassion do and tell everyone about your sponsored kids. I'm not sure it's much use as a small group resource on it's own, but I'll try and find some way to link the DVD clips into our studies later on in the year.

Compassion also sent me two child packets, in order for me to find sponsors for the two children. I'm not sure exactly why they did this as: I'm not an advocat (unless you get signed up automatically if you request the Compassion Sunday resources), I didn't actually request child packages, if they are for the Compassion Sunday talk that is due to be completed in September and the epiry date for the packages is in early August. Once I've got over the shock at them falling out of the envelope, then I'll set about trying to find sponsors for them.

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