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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer job letters

I finished teaching at school for the summer. I've had 2 weeks 'off' now. In fact I spent 3 days setting up my classroom for next year and I've spent 6 days in my new summer job. I'm working a summer day camp. The beginning of my summer was the theme for this set of letter, which I handwrote in flowery or landscape notecards. I printed pictures out to stick on the blank and back pages of the notecards, so that ever page was decorated.

Sunita and Beatriz both got rose themed notecards, these I got free through the post from the British Heart Foundation. Beatriz also got a matching bookmark. Both girls got colouring pages and animal posters pulled out of magazines. They also got sticky note pads that came free on the front of the magazines.

Joselyn got a princess paper doll, Roses got a Winnie the Pooh activity book and some more Bible study pages, Ladan got a phonics magazine and Jayner got a funny animal faces sticker and colouring book.

Roses and Ladan also got notes on Compassion stationary replying to the recent letters I received.

Again this package went out late, which is why it included Joselyn and Jayner.

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