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Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Olympics are coming letters

I got a bit behind in my letter sending, so two of my July letters got sent to the kids in the same package. Both were Olympic themed, so it worked out well. The Olympics and Paralympics are coming to London in August and September.

The first letter was a picture scrapbook letter about the Olympic torch. It passed though Leicester recently and I was able to go and see the torch relay. The second letter was a general letter about what the Olympics are all about and my excitment at getting tickets to go to London to see the Race Walk events on 11th August.

In the package I also included: a make you own origami olympic rings kit for each child, olympic sport colouring  pictures and a design and make your own olympic torch craft activity. For Ladan and Roses I also further included information on the Olympics as they write in English.

These packages went out late, so they also included first letters and about you sponsor picture scrapbooks for Jayner and Joselyn.

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