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Monday, 24 September 2012

Getting ready for the Christmas package mailing

It's that time of the year again when Compassion sponsors start thinking about Christmas in earnest. The Christmas gift fund emails have gone out to all sponsors and I've got about a month left to donate to the gift fund and send my e-cards to my children online.

I'm also busy getting ready all the paper gifts to go in their Christmas packages I'll be sending out in early October. For my 7 sponsored children (Sunita, Beatriz, Ladan, Roses, Jayner, Joselyn and Fik) I've so far managed to find the following for each of them:
A Christmas nativity sticker scene book. Available here from Amazon.
A press out and make nativity scene. Available here from Amazon.
A Christmas nativity sticker scene. Available here from Tattoos4Kids.
Some happy birthday Jesus stickers. Available here from Tattoos4Kids.

Each child also has a personalised Christmas card from Moonpig or MarksandSpencersPersonalised:
For Ladan, Jayner and Fik.
For Beatriz, Sunita and Joselyn.
For Roses.
For Milda. I ordered a larger card so that all her co-sponsors can sign it.

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  1. What great Christmas ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Much love,