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About me

I'm Angela, I'm in my late twenties and I live in the UK. I work as a teacher. I currently sponsor seven kids, and co-sponsor one kid, through Compassion UK.

Over the past few months I've learnt so much more about Compassion, I thought I was pretty clued up before, but a whole bunch of bloggers out there have opened up my eyes. That have show me how to write, how creative I can be, what fantastic paper gifts I can send and have shared their experiences and ideas. This blog is to join their efforts, to give ideas how and what to write to a sponsored child on the other side of the world, the info I wish I known nearly 3 years ago when I first started sponsoring Sunita. I know there are a whole group of dedicated sponsors the world over, who want to encourage others. But I've also learnt there are a lot of lame sponsors out there. Some probably know they are being lame sponsors, but what really worries me are the ones that don't and the sponsored kids who therefore miss out.